Outsourcing” here means the help which we offer to your company. You can outsource some of your duties to an external company. As an external company, we can handle the sections of your activity which are not key for its functioning. Our offer includes the co-packing service, as well as customising (as a part of it) and insertion.  




In the field of co-packing, we offer complex services of packing, repackaging and making up product sets.

We provide services of:


  • packing,
  • repackaging,
  • customising,
  •  preparing sets/samples,
  • laminating,
  • other non-standard forms of packing.




We also provide the customising service. This includes:


  • combining and packing products in appropriate sets,
  • affixing labels, stickers, codes, holograms, etc.,
  • Gluing sachets, samples, gadgets, leaflets by means of glue pastilles, jellies, tapes, glues, etc.,
  • packing and repackaging products in collective and retail packaging,
  • preparing promotional sets,
  • preparing occasional sets,
  • recovering products, gadgets, samples,
  • quality control.



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Tel./Fax +48 91 462 40 04
e-mail: drukarnia@profi-druk.pl

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